The clashes outcome in the war against terrorism

Our forces continued its advance in the last enclave of the terrorist organization of ISIS, where heavy clashes took place with ISIS terrorist organization, as It is about to be finished as a result of the tough hit that they receive by our forces, supported by the international coalition airstrike which targets the last remained points that terrorists are shield in.

However, the last outcome of the battles of today is as following:

The international coalition airstrike implemented 32 raids against terrorists of ISIS, this led to cut of 4 roads of supply and transportation, destroying 19 locations, 1 motorbike, 1 mortars artillery and a store of weapons and ammo.

Our fighters could make a statistic of 37 terrorists as a result of airstrike raids, during the battles that took place during this day.

However, one of our fighters got martyred because of mine explosion.

SDF-Media Center


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