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The committee of Training the society… unpresented activity to reactivate the educational process in Til Abyad.

News Center_ since the declaration of the democratic self-Administration in Til-Abyad district in 22 June 2015, this administration is working dedicatedly and continuously to back life to the city in all aspects.

Many committees were affiliated from this administration such as Education Committee, in order to facilitate the educational process alongside the district and subareas that its affiliated to.

The committee of Training Society, in Til Abyad district, where it is from the main components of the Education Committee, however, 3 branches are related to it (Til Abyad -Gri Spi ,Sluk Ain Issa)

Since the establishment of the committee in November 2015, it worked on reactivating schools that most of them were damaged as a result of hostilities during Syrian war that started in 2011, in beside to providing it to all the facilities such as doors, windows, boards, water tanks, heaters, as well as, study desks and facilities.

The number of set schools that were set up are 430, out of 500 schools including 28 intermediate and 24 secondaries schools all over the district, where both Arabic and Kurdish languages are taught as basic languages, however, more than 38 thousand female and male students including 34693 within the elementary school, 3242 students within the intermediate schools, while the rest study at secondary school,  students study under the supervision of educational staff (1900) female and male teachers for the education stages (elementary, intermediate and secondary).

48 schools still inactive due to lack of teachers and students’ number, moreover, there are more than destroyed 18 schools completely, where the terrorists of ISIS and Al-Nusra front used schools as military headquarters.

The committee also supervised the modification of the education curriculum, also it set an institution to rehabilitate and prepare teachers as well as thinking academy inside the district center.

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