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The education in the western countryside of Dair Al-Zor

Dair Al-Zor_ after the suspension of the educational process because of  ISIS domination, the education returned to the liberated areas by SDF, in order for the generation that suffered from tragedies by the terrorist organization, to complete studding.

The education committee, affiliated to Dair Al-Zor Civil council was established in 24-9-2017.

Kamal AQl-Musa, The co-chair of the education committee, talked about the education committee during 1 year, where he said:

” after suspension that continued for many years, schools were set up in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, the school was set in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, however, the first day of our children to go school was on 22-10-2017″.

Al-Musa emphasized saying: ” we finished the last studying year with a statistic of 113000 male and female students in schools, at the beginning of the studding year, many students submitted in schools, where the number of the students reached 165000 students, with educational staff of 5000 teachers, distributed on 3 lines (western, eastern and northern) where it includes:

The western line – regions of (Al-Jazrat, Al-Busayra and Al-Kasrat)

The eastern line includes the area from Al-Busayra to Ghranij areas

The northern line includes the area between Al-Busayra towards north to the Al-Sur, Al-Rwayshed desert.

However, he pointed that the number of schools in the liberated areas are 460 schools, distributed on 5 educational centers as following: Al-Jazrat, Al-Kusra, Al-Sur, Al-Busayra and Euphrates, adding that 10 schools were rehabilitated for intermediate stage from many different areas that were completely destroyed, in the countryside

Al-Mousa mentioned that by the support of SDF and Dair Al-Zor civil council, more than 1900 doors and windows were repaired and 13 thousand desks were provided including the repairing of 1800 desks, in addition to the provision of heaters and diesel for all the class rooms, however, the work is ongoing to arrange the latrines and destroyed bridges.

Al-Mousa added (during summer period, many teachers, who were part of the educational process, will be trained and rehabilitated for 2 month , before joining the current stage.

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