The environment Committee is preparing a plant nursery in Raqqa

The Environment Committee, affiliated to People Municipality in Raqqa is working on preparing a plant nursery in the city, after trees were cut and burnt in a systematic way during the time of terrorist factions domination on the city and its countryside.

Muhammad Nur Al-Ibrahim, the manager of plant nursery in Raqqa talked about the project and said: “the municipality started establishing the nursery after cutting and burning trees in middle squares, round abouts and gardens during the past period that the city passed”.

However, the plant square is approximately 5 D, and has more than 15000 plant, including decorating plants, fruit trees, sustained green trees and other tree sorts.

Al-Ibrahim mentioned that they are working on irrigation and accessing water to the main tubes in the nursery as well as building a fence to be ready for cultivation.

SDF-Media Center


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