The gradual meeting of the organizations with Raqqa Civil Council

The gradual meeting of Raqqa Civil Council was held with acting humanitarian organizations in North of Syria, with the working heads’ committees in the council.

The council contained about 55 organizations which work in many aspects : relief, services of electricity and irrigation, however they face many problems and obstacles in their work, mainly the electricity and irrigation problems especially inside Raqqa city.

Shierko Muhammad, the head of the energy committee in Raqqa Civil Council, clarified that electricity isn’t supported by organizations, where all the cost is hold only by Raqqa Civil Council.

it worth mentioning that electricity is the main way of life , where most of the projects such as agriculture, economy and factories depend on it.

However, many plans and studies by the energy and communication committees were offered to the donors to be discussed, studied then start to implement them.

Issa Al-Hammadin, the head of irrigation projects in agriculture committee, said: ” the committee aims to improve the agricultural situation via rehabilitating irrigation water operating generators, in coordination with the services organizations, further, the committee aimed to provide farmers with seeds via dealers and farmers.

Al-Hammadin added: ” there is a need for fast intervention to repair the entering source of the Al-Balikh river and its outlet, in case it remains as it is at the current situation, it will cause a big damage to the area”.

SDF-Media Center.


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