The students of Abi Tammam School in Raqqa…little creators

Raqqa_ The organization of Future Makers, in coordination with Education Committee, In Raqqa, made an activity for Abi Tammam school students, where it included many pictures and play exhibitions performed by students.

The activity was attended by Education Committee members, representatives of the local councils and Decision Makers Organization that played a main role in discovering talent and skills of the students,  helping them to pass the dark stage that terrorist organizations drew in Raqqa.

However, students performed play exhibitions, drawings that expressed their love to life as well as their continuity in resisting difficulties and challenging the last years.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Al-Husain, the member of the education office set up a fair of (little artist) during the activity, where he cut the ribbon, moreover, the exhibition included handcraft work by students, made by cartoon, drawings and decorating lines.

Ali Mustafa, the administrate member in Abi Tammam School, said: (we arranged the Fair of ” the little artist” where it included handcraft and drawings of the elementary secondary schools, in addition to performing plays and sketches of the popular arts).

Furthermore, he pointed that the goal of the activity is to raise the students’ spirit and discovere the creativity and talents that students have, he also emphasized that the school is place that student launch their talents and it will help to back the life to Raqqa again as a favor of its people.

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