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The training of the martyr (Abdul-Halim Bakur) regiment

Al-Tabqa_ SDF fighters are receiving many trainings on many sorts of light and middle size weapons in (Abdul-Azeez Junayed) academy, in addition to daily sport exercises that aim to assure the continues readiness and high sufficiency for fast intervention to encounter any risk that expose threatening on the stability and security in the region, these exercises take place the regiment of the martyr Abdul-Halim Bakur.

Dabur Farat, the officer of the regiment, made sure that the trainings that fighters receive are martial art, trench fighting and fighting by light and medium weapons, where they are divided into 2 groups, each group contain 60 fighters.

Farat mentioned that fighters are fully ready to participate in scrolling terrorism and resist anyone who wants destabilize the security in the region.

The Fighter (Ahmad Al-Sheik) from the village of Al-Mahmoudly talked that he joined SDF to liberate the region from injustice and despotism that participated in spreading corruption, destruction and killing innocents in addition to committing horrible crimes against humanity.

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