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Til Abyad national hospital…70 thousand reviewers during 2018, and plans to receive a bigger number

News Center_ the health sector is considered the most active sector Til Abyad city, however, Til Abyad national hospital is the most important health center all over the region.

The hospital was set in 2005 to receive the people of region and its affiliated districts and villages as well, the hospital administration was changed and moved into many stages, from Al-Nusra stage to ISIS terrorist organizations, then to the Democratic Self-Administration that worked in activating the hospital after the damage that it exposed to by  ISIS terrorists who transferred the medical devices especially operation room, babies incubators, oxygen station and 4 washing machines of kidney to Raqqa city (so-called the capital of caliphate at that time).

After liberating the city on 15 June 2015, the city administration worked on rehabilitating the hospital again to receive the people of the district again, where the central building was extended to be able to receive the increasing number of the reviewers from many different areas of the district, however, the hospital contains 45 room and 110 beds, further, there are two ambulances to transfer the wounded and emergency cases from and to the hospital..

The hospital contains 3 operation rooms, one of them is for women surgical operations, 7 washing machines for kidney and 12 babies incubators, 2 sub for new born babies and central pharmacy.

A medical staff of 360 members are working in the hospital, they are doctors, nurses, palmers, treater and a pharmacist, they are distributed into many sections as following: (thalassemia clinic, pediatrician, women, internal clinic, external clinics, physical treatment, incubators, vaccination, laboratory, X ray, psychological and social department, in addition to malnutrition clinic, however, recently a department was allocated for the cold operations in the hospital.

The hospital is considered the only health point in the region and offers its services to the people of the region as well as the reviewers who come from the regions of Raqqa, Al-Tabqa and Manbij for free, where it offers diagnosing, treatment, medicine and food meals, the hospital received 70 thousand reviewers, from different ages in 2018, including 317 registered cases in thalassemia department.

The hospital gets its financial and material support from 3 organizations (Doctor Without Borders) MSF, Handi Cap and Norwak, where they sponsor the salaries of the whole medical staff, medicine and other medical equipment.

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