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Outcomes of the meeting of the Military Council of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces held its regular meeting, with the participation of all the leaders of the regions, councils and military institutions.The meeting discussed the military and field situation and the war on ISILin its last stronghold.They also discussed the post-withdrawal phase of the United States forces, The claims of the Turkish state and the safe area, the future of relations with the Syrian government, and other issues of current and future military and security importance

1. As a result of our military operations against terrorist organizations in various names since 2012, and the latest against ISIL since the beginning of 2014 until now with the support of the international coalition, where the so-called “Caliphate State” is about to fall militarily, and the remaining elements of them are trapped In a very small geographical area in the village of Baguoz and reached the stage of fire falling, and the battle will end definitively after the release of prisoners and civilians detained by ISIL.

2. The meeting identified the new military strategy of the Syrian Democratic Forces for the next phase on two levels:
(A) Eliminate the secret military organization of sleeping cells, through precise military and security campaigns, with the support of the international coalition forces.
(B) The drying up of the social, intellectual and economic ground which ISIL depends on for the continuity of its existence.

3. The military council discussed the position of the Turkish state and its incorrect claims; that our forces pose a threat to its security, and vice versa. The Turkish state is the actual occupier, and directly to the Syrian territories in Afrin, Bab, Jarablus, Idlib.. Where the meeting stressed its desire to solve problems with the Turkish state through dialogue, and within the framework of good-neighborly relations and mutual respect. At the same time, it stressed the full readiness to protect our areas in the event of any aggression, and welcome the establishment of the safe area under the international supervision, with the aim of establishing security and peace on our northern border

4. The military council discussed the future of relations with the Syrian government and stressed the attempt to find a solution through dialogue within a unified Syrian framework, taking into account the specificity of Syria’s democratic forces and the constitutional recognition of self-declared and effective autonomy in the northeast

5. The meeting focused on the prominent and leadership role of women’s protection units (YPJ), through their extensive and effective participation in the fight against terrorism, and praised the heroic operations carried out by female fighters.

6. The meeting considered that the liberation of Afrin and the return of its original inhabitants to their homes and the cessation of demographic change are priorities for the next stage.

7. Syria’s democratic forces, after the near announcement for the end of the overt military and geographical presence of the terrorists of ISIL.Will restruct, train and redeploy its forces, according to security and military requirements.

The Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
Sunday, 17 February 2019

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