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Our forces continue their fight against terrorism, the last phase of which started on 9TH January 2019. Our forces have won great victories against terrorist Daesh organization the fighting is now confined to a small area in Al-Bagouz town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

After our forces had evacuated thousands of civilians who had been used as “human shields” by terrorists, the terrorist organization had been besieged in the town. Under the blows of our forces and in support of the international coalition to provide air support; a large part of the elements of the organization and their families forced to surrender to our forces, while hundreds of them were killed and others wounded. The following are the number of civilians evacuated, as well as members of the terrorist organization, including their families who surrendered to our forces, in addition to the number of martyrs we have offered in this battle, since the beginning of the last battle on 09/01/2019 to date:

1- Number of terrorists and their families who surrendered to our forces (29,600)

2-The number of terrorists arrested in special operations by our forces (SDF): /520 / Terrorist.

3- The number of civilians evacuated: /37000 / civilians.

4-The number of terrorist deaths: 1306 terrorists and in addition to a large number of wounded

 5- The number of the martyrs of our fighters :(11) martyrs.

6-Number of wounded of our fighters: /61/ fighters.

SDF: Media Center

17THMarch 2019

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