The outcome of the clashes in the “battle to defeat terrorism” within the past 24 hours

The terrorist organization launched a major attack on the front lines, which resulted in several hours of violent clashes, and due to that dozens of terrorists were killed. The attack was foiled, and the International Air Force carried out a number of raids on terrorist sites and gatherings.  Resulting in great loses in ISIS ranks and their weapons, several of our fighters have been martyred during their response to the attack.

In another axis of the front, strong clashes broke out between our fighters and groups of the terrorist organization, after the terrorists attempted an attack on our forces’ points and fortifications, and our fighters confronted them, and caused many of the dead and wounded in their ranks, forcing the terrorists to retreat and the withdrawal of the defeated remnants. In the clashes, a fighter from our forces was martyred and others were slightly injured.

Meanwhile, there were strong clashes between our fighters and the terrorists in a third axis, following an attack by the terrorist organization on of our forces’ positions. Our fighters fought with force and killed a number of the dead in their ranks, coincided with the launching of raids by the international coalition air jets on the terrorists’ positions and fortifications, two of our forces were moderately wounded in the clashes.

In another axis, in the morning, there were violent clashes between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization, which lasted for hours, in which a number of terrorists were killed and wounded, forcing them to withdraw without the bodies of their dead being recovered. Our fighters carried out a search operation in the area.

Our fighters targeted terrorist elements in another axis and killed a terrorist when he was monitored

The clashes were still going on in most axes till the preparing this outcome.

During the ongoing clashes between our forces and Daesh terrorists in AL- Baguos, our Special Units were also involved in combat operations and were tasked with tracking and monitoring the movement of terrorists in anticipation of possible escape attempts by terrorists.

In a quality operation, our units monitored a group of terrorists, trailing and arresting 157 terrorists with their full military equipment.

The terrorists who were arrested are from foreign nationalities and have long experience in fighting.

Before noon, our troops took control of AL- Baguos camp, but some terrorists were still holed up in some pockets along the Euphrates River.

The clashes were still continuing intermittently with the terrorists, and our forces were dealing with them to force them to surrender or eliminate them.

In a humanitarian step from our forces, our forces have evacuated hundreds of wounded and injuries of ISIS terrorists from the camp.

Final Outcome of the Clashes:

A number of terrorist deaths: /288 / Terrorist.

Terrorist losses: Destruction of terrorist tunnel:/ 1 /

 Destruction of terrorist military sites:(5)

A number of strikes by international coalition air jets: /43 / Air strike.

The number of martyrs of our forces: /13 / martyrs.

The number of wounded of our forces: /19/ fighters.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

19TH March 2019

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