The outcome of the clashes in the “battle to defeat terrorism” within the past 24 hours

The operations of our forces continue against ISIS terrorist in Al-Bagouz town, yesterday almost 1300 terrorists and their families surrendered to our forces (SDF).

Our fighters also launched an attack on the terrorist organization’s sites and gatherings, and Clashes broke out, and due to that number of terrorists were killed and others wounded, in the midst of raids by the international coalition on terrorist positions and fortifications. During the work of one of our bulldozers, a mine exploded causing damage to the bulldozer, none of our fighters was hurt, but One of our fighters was martyred during the clashes.

Final Outcome of the Clashes:

Number of terrorists killed: / 19 / and others wounded

Losses of terrorists:

Destruction of cars: / 2 /

Destruction of military sites: / 2 /

Number of strikes by the international coalition: 13 / Airstrike.

SDF: Media Center

15TH March 2019

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