A lot of works and efforts made in order to increase the beauty of the city

Raqqa – in coordination with the department of environment and Gardens in Raqqa the cleaning department clean the sidewalks, the roads and the western entrance of the city in order to restore the beauty and cultural splendor of the city by removing the dirt and dust accumulated on it. While the committee of the environment and gardens work to repair and rehabilitate the  sidewalks and facilities in the city again because it was destroyed. After finishing the restoration and rehabilitation. They will re-planted trees.

Nuri Ibrahim barber the monitor of the cleaning workshop said that they began cleaning the sidewalks of the city and remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the road and transfer it to the landfills which municipality give.

Hallaq added that the cleaning process aims to improve the service, the beauty of the city and cleaning the tree basins to facilitate the work of environmental and gardens workshops.

SDF-Media Center

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