Awarding the graduated members from (Ayadi) center for the vocational training.

Al-Tabqa_ Ayadi center, for vocational training, has awarded the graduated members from the center, after the training course that included more than 60 of both male and female trainees.

However, the center’s administration has offered special certificates that would help the graduated members and can rely on them in starting their work, in addition to special equipment for the careers that they were trained on them.

The main careers that they got trained on are as the following:

Sewage system, electricity, agricultural nursery, Raqqa’s heritage))

Rudwan Al-Ali, the head of Al-Ayadi for the vocational training talked about the awarding celebration, where he said: ” Today we awarded the graduated members of the 4th round in the center, where the goal was putting limits for the unemployment phenomenon and providing livelihood for the poor families in Al-Tabqa City, providing them with needed facilities to start free life with dignity”

” during the next few days, we will set out our 5th training round in the center to help many unemployed people of Al-Tabqa in order to help them learn a career that can help them in their life” Al-Ali added.

Ahmad Jumma, a trainee, said ” I learnt sewage repairing in the center and now I am ready to work based on the skills and equipment that they provided us with

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