Foundation of Economy organizes a training course for the administrators

Hasaka – In coordination with the Directorate of Agriculture, the Foundation of Economy organized a training course for its administrators to teach them the official standards of the good type of wheat.

The Foundation of Economy opened this course because the traders cheated the civilians last year and mixed types of bad wheat with good species and sold it to the people.

Salman Oso the head of the Directorate of Agriculture explained that the Directorate is currently preparing to buy wheat for the current season. They are giving a training course for the administrative committees in the Academy of Communal Economy.

Sixty administrators will be subject to a week-long course in which they will learn how to distinguish good wheat from bad to prevent cases of manipulation.

“When examining the wheat, the type (hard, soft), as well as the specific weight, the roasted, the yellow, the colored beads because of poor storage, where each has a certain percentage that should not be exceeded,” Oso said.

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