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Honoring outstanding children in folkloric arts


Tabqa- The administration of cultural center in Tabqa city organized a celebration party yesterday in order to honor outstanding children.

There were a musical performance and a show of folklore heritage in the building of the cultural center in Tabqa. The members of the democratic civil administration of Tabqa, the parents of the children   and intellectuals of the city attended the celebration.

Then began it with a play entitled “Madness” in which they reviewed a part of daily political life in a cynical and comedic way.

After that there was a dance performance entitled “Khairat Al Jazeera”  which was presented by a group of children.

The children of the Cultural Center, who participated in the Kobani celebrations, were honored because they win the first place in the celebrations which was held in Kobani.

They distributed certificates of appreciation for their excellence in theater, folklore and lyric arts.The event ended with a presentation by Durrat Al-Furat.Firas Ramadan, a member of the co-chair of the Cultural Center, said: “We have honored the children participating in the folk arts and theater group in order to appreciate their efforts and encourage them to do more to preserve their excellence and develop their talents in the field of folklore and theater.SDF-Media Center

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