Kurdish House … a small museum of great cultural heritage

The areas of north Syria areas are famous for their historical heritage and their embrace of ancient civilizations. Many of the arts were painted and carved on pots and walls.

A resident from Al-Mufti neighborhood in Hasaka city established a place called “the Kurdish House” in order to collect antique masterpiece and preserve the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of these areas from the disappearance in light of the technological revolution that the world is currently going through.

Hamza Ali was the first person who suggested the idea of the Kurdish House. He confirmed that his goal was to collect all the folklore and archaeological things that indicates to the features of the north Syria in general and the Kurdish heritage in particular.

The museum contains antique pools, silver bracelets, antiques and copper cups and many other antique masterpiece decorated on the walls of his” little museum “, which became a destination for tourists and many other people who are interested in cultural heritage.

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