Military trainings were given to the fighters of  martyr  “Khalaf Dushka” regiment

Tabqa- Syrian Democratic Forces fighters in Martyr “Khalaf Dushka” regiment continue to receive military training in the Tabqa.57 fighters from Raqqa city joined the course which was named  martyr “Tariq Hassoun”, the fighters received military training in the battalion, military tactics, training for using heavy and light weapons, arts of fighting and methods of street war.Qeherman Tabqa who is a military trainer in the regiment talked about military exercises and applications, saying:”We, as military trainers are doing our best in order to train and prepare our fighters both physically and intellectually. We are receiving new fighters from other military regiment who need training. Each course lasts 45 days, after that the fighters are deployed to different military points and they are fully prepared to face the risks and difficulties.

SDF- Media Center

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