HomenewsThe Academy Syrian Women ends its Second training course

The Academy Syrian Women ends its Second training course


Tabqa- The Academy of the Syrian Women’s Council has ended its second training course this year. It is the eleventh training course since the opening of the academy.

The training course was named after the martyr “Slava Afrin”, and lasted / 20 / days, the training course included / 31 / trainees from various civil society organizations in Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

The trainees received a series of lectures and political lessons that varied between the history of women and their role in society in the past and present, the stages during which they went through their struggle to gain their freedom until they reached the knowledge of the importance their role now in building society and contributing to its development and defense.

In addition to its role in the leadership of society and the liberation of women from the restrictions and slavery imposed by authoritarian mentality.”I joined with the aim of receiving academic training that develops the administrative work and helps building the society, learn more about the importance of the educated woman and what she can achieve in the various fields of life when she takes full rights and fulfills her duties in society,” said the trainee Mazgin Ismail.She added: “We seek to develop our society by developing ourselves through educating women everywhere, especially women who have not had the opportunity to learn or train outside the family,”.

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