The main roads are being rehabilitated in Salhabiya Kharbi village

Tabqa – The Municipality of People in Al-Sahlabiya has begun to rehabilitate and asphalt the roads in Salhabiya Kharbi village and repair the pits.The municipality oversees the work of repairing the roads through the available mechanisms and filling the drilling, which occurred in the region dur to the war, opening of new roads to facilitate traffic movement in the area. In addition to this the main road which connects Salhabiya village with other areas was repaired .

In this regard, the responsible in the technical office in the municipality of the people, “Turki Shraida” said: work is done as quickly as possible. The municipality put supervisors on the work to make the reforms as soon as possible and to make sure that all the reforms are in accordance with the appropriate plan for this project.

SDF-Media Center

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