The municipality of people transfers the waste of Euphrates neighborhood to its designated dumps

After receiving a lot of complaints from the residents, the department of hygiene the municipality of people in Raqqa transferred the accumulated garbage in Euphrates neighborhood to the dumps which was allotted for it.

The waste which was scattered and thrown randomly in the neighborhoods of the city was the reason of spreading a number of diseases among citizens.

Omar Ali Al-Sayah the supervisor in hygiene department said “Today we went to remove waste and garbage from Euphrates neighborhood in response to the complaints of the residents and under the guidance of the cleaning department.The rubbish that was spread throughout the neighborhood spread a number of diseases within the city of Raqqa such as leishmania, which was observed in a number of the city’s neighborhoods, these diseases spread before the municipality started its service work, which included the transfer of garbage to its dumps and spraying the streets with pesticides.

Municipality of people and through its media and propaganda campaigns, appealed to all the residents of the city to keep the streets clean, throw the waste in its places and containers distributed throughout the city.

It is noteworthy that the municipality of people launches a campaign those days to spray the streets of the city with insecticides to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially with the approach of summer and the rehabilitation of sanitation networks within the city is nearing completion.

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