The office of organizing Councils met with the Local Councils

Raqqa – The Office of organizing councils held an extensive meeting in Raqqa civil council for all the local councils which exist in the city and its countryside in order to discuss the last developments and study the projects that will be presented in the coming days to the local councils and solve the problems of the residents.

The meeting started with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs lives. After that the head of the office of organizing councils and the heads of the local councils discussed the developments, the reports of the local councils and its work. The heads of the council discussed with the office of organizing councils the problems which they face and the supplies which they need and asked for help in order to find solutions to it.

Loay Essa the head of the office of organizing councils confirmed that they are ready to support and help. He said we as the office of organizing councils invited all the local councils to attend the meeting in order to solve the problem which they face and study the upcoming work and put the work of local councils.The biggest problems we face are in Raqqa countryside. The main problems are the problems of electricity, relief materials and gas cylinders. They discussed the problems and suggested the appropriate solutions.

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