The old bridge was opened in Raqqa city.

Raqqa – the civil council in Raqqa opened the old bridge in Raqqa city today. A large popular crowd attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs’ lives, followed by speeches.

Hassan Mustafa the co-chair of the Culture and Art Committee, spoke in the ceremony saying: “Today we bless the opening of the bridge for the residents of Raqqa city. The bridge connects the southern and northern banks of Euphrates River with each other and is considered the main artery of life. After the repairing and rehabilitation works planned by engineers and technicians were finished, the bridge returned to work.

Al-Mustafa thanked all who contributed to the reconstruction of the bridge such as engineers, workers, technicians and administrators.

Fayrouz Khalil the co-chair of the woman’s council in Raqqa, cut the opening ribbon of the bridge.

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