The people of Hasakeh made funeral of three martyrs

Al-Hasakah – The inhabitants of Al-Hasakah and its countryside made a funeral for three Syrian Democratic Forces fighters who got martyred in Deir Al-Zour..

The ceremony was attended by commanders of military forces, members of the self-administration and civil councils.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ soul, followed by a military swear by the Syrian forces.

He was followed by a many  words, including a speech on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces made by the commander “Salem Ibrahim,” who attributed his greeting  the martyrs’ families and emphasized that their children are the martyrs of the world, and said: “These martyrs who fed homeland soil  with their pure blood, deserve the highest levels of martyrdom.” , however, he made sure that they will continue the approach that martyrs took.

The cermony was ended by handing over the documents of the martyrs to their families, and the bodies of the rich were buried among the mummies of the mothers and slogans that glorify the martyrs.

The martyrs are: Yassin Al Ahmad, Ali Ramadan, Majid Hasa.

SDF-Media Center.


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