The Syrian Yazidi celebrated “Red Wednesday (Çarşema Sor).

Hasaka – The Yazidi House in Hasaka organized a celebration yesterday for the “Red Wednesday (Çarşema Sor). It is a religious and national day, which refers to the  New Year for the Yezidi Kurds. The celebration took place in  Beylesan resort in Amuda city.

The representatives of the joint governors of the Jezira  region, leaders of Syria’s democratic forces, religious scholars and hundreds of residents attended the celebration.

The celebration began with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs’ lives.

Sheikh Ziad Avdal spoke on the name of the The Yazidi House, he congratulated the audience  and blessed them on this blessed occasion. He expressed the importance of this holiday for the Kurdish component of Yazidi, who suffered the violence and oppression by the terrorist groups of darkness, like all other components of north Syrian. He thanked the Syrian democracy forces  which was able to eliminate terrorism and uprooted its roots. He said ”thanks to those people and fighters who sacrificed their lives and did a heroic job” .

Rezan Giloo, the military advisor of the Syrian Democratic Forces, also spoke in the celebration. He congratulated the people of the north Syria on this occasion and wished that peace and security prevail throughout Syria a. he confirmed that Syrian Democratic Forces made many sacrifices in order to liberate dozens of Yazidi abductees. People who was in captive and was captured by the terrorist organization ISIS. He pointed out  that the unity of the people and the cohesion of all religious components in northern Syria was an important factor in the liberation of the regions and defeating terrorism.

The celebration ended with folk songs.

The Yazidis in various regions of Syria  generally and north Syria in particular celebrate the “Red Wednesday”(Çarşema Sor)  as a religious and national event which represents the beginning of creation and life. According to the Eastern calendar this occasion occurs on the first Wednesday of April.

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