Woman’s Council was opened in El-bo Asi village

Al-Tabqa- The Woman’s administration in Al-Tebqa region opened woman’s council in El-bo Asi village today. The committee of woman and martyrs families represented both the Legislative Council and the Executive Council and attended the opening ceremony. In addition to this both the people of the region and a number of leaders from the Syrian democratic forces and the internal security forces attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs’ lives. The opening speech was given by the representative of the woman’s committee, “Walaa Al-Naji”. She spoke about the history of woman, their importance and their role in building society.

She added: ” after the liberation woman have done a lot for the freedom of thought in Al-Tebqa, Al-Raqa and Deir Al-Zour. As Arab women, we must preserve what we have acquired and support each other.

Mrs. Mariam Othman spoke on behalf of the woman’s administration in Al-Tebqa, in which she thanked all those who participated in the achievement and congratulated the audience on this remarkable step. She called for the freedom of woman through liberating her will. She explained that the aim of opening woman’s council is to educate and develop the society through the participation of woman with her activities and proof her will and existence.At the end, the opening ribbon was cut by the representative of the committee of the martyrs families. After that they began the celebration in which everyone participated.

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