HomenewsAl Kasra Hospital .. Free services despite the lack of potential

Al Kasra Hospital .. Free services despite the lack of potential


Deir Zour- After the Syrian democratic forces had liberated Deir Zour and its countryside from ISIS terrorists, the civil council of Dier Zour quickly prepared and equipped the health sector within the region and provide the necessary emergency services for the region.

The hospital was opened by the Health Committee of the Civil Council of Dier Zour in late 2017, which provides all its services for free.

25 staffs are working in the hospital, the cadre consists of medical personnel, doctors, nurses and employees. The hospital consists of several departments: children, internal, cardiac, neurological, gynecological, operating room and pharmacy. It includes radiators, surgical beds, and all emergency equipment.

The hospital receives between 350-400 cases daily and about 40 surgical operation are performed in the specialties of orthopedic, gynecological and general surgery every two days.

The director of the hospital, Ahmed Omair, pointed out that all the services in the hospital are for free, and it includes medicine and even surgical operations, explaining that the hospital was opened give services to all the people of the region.

He pointed out that they had faced difficulties at the beginning because of the lack of resources and lack of medication, pointing to the great pressure they have been subjected to during the last five months.

He appealed to the concerned international organizations to provide all forms of support for the hospital and the health committee to be able to receive and serve a wider group of the population.

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