Al-Shamal Company starts its work with Al Jazra junction asphalt

Raqqa –The Civil Council of Raqqa announced that the North Company for Reconstruction and Development has started its work in the rehabilitation of roads in the city within the framework of a signed agreement with the Civil Council for the implementation of a project for road repair and asphalt under the auspices of the Civil Council and the People’s Municipality. The asphalt project includes the main and secondary roads of the city

The engineer in Al-Shamal Construction Company “Abdulla Al-Ja’bari” said that the duration of the project of asphalt road construction is 5 / months, and the quantity agreed with the municipality of the people is / 50 / thousand cubic meters of asphalt. Work started from Al Jazra junction round-trip and meet with the panorama.

After the completion of the road of Al Jazra junction will move to the asphalt of Alwadi and Basil Street and the grain store roundabout to reach Al frossia  roundabout  and farms.

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