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Ayadi center ends its fifth training course

Tabqa – Today, Ayadi Center for Vocational Training which belongs to Amal Afdal (best hope) association for Tabqa ended its fifth training course for youth after qualifying and supporting them to start their own projects.

Ayadi center gives the trainees certificates to enter the labor market, with the aim of providing new job opportunities for the people of Tabqa to reduce unemployment and provide livelihood opportunities.

The director of the Vocational Training Center “Abdul Hakim Al-Rawi” said: Today we ended the fifth training course for a number of trainees, after receiving training for two months within each professional competence, such as agricultural nurseries and sanitary installations and electrical work in addition to the handcrafts section of the heritage of Raqqa.

The course included four professions and was chosen for people who wanted to work, those in need of work and they live poor living conditions. The center will financially support the graduates and provide them with the necessary equipment to enter the labor market and open their own projects that contribute to the advancement of the country’s economy.

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