HomenewsCelebrating the second anniversary of the liberation of Tabqa City

Celebrating the second anniversary of the liberation of Tabqa City

Tabqa – The civil administration of the city of Tabqa  in cooperation with Syrian Democratic forces  in the city organized today a celebration to commemorate the second anniversary of the liberation of Tabqa City from, which was known as the Terrorist  ISIS,  Coinciding with the International Labor Day.

In the presence of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the International Alliance, the Women’s Protection Units, the representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council, the self-administration of North and East Syria, the Syrian Women’s Council, and elders and dignitaries tribes north and east of Syria in addition to the mass mobilization of the people of Tabqa and its countryside.

The celebration began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs and a military parade with the participation of (500) fighters of the Commandos, the Self-Defense Forces, the Border Guards, the Command of the Regiments, the military discipline and the women’s protection units.


A number of speeches were made to bless the second anniversary of the liberation of Al Tabqa city. The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mohammed Raouf, gave a speech in which he blessed the people of Tabqa with the victory of freedom of thought and culture.


He said. “We have taken it upon ourselves to rid humanity of this threat of eliminating and fighting the most powerful terrorist organization wherever it exists, two years of fatigue and hard work to preserve the city liberated by the blood of the people of Syria,”

He added, ” years after the formation of the Syrian Democratic forces, they have become a professional force experienced in combat and able to deal with the most severe types of battles and others and to protect Northern Syria, land and people, all this because of the campaigns and defeat of terrorism, which turned the people’s dream to fact and reality .

A member of the co-chair of the Legislative Council, “Roshan Hami,” delivered a speech on behalf of the civil administration of Tabqa City saying: Two years ago our city breathed the air of freedom after the disappearance of darkness and the rise of a new dawn, which resulted after historic resistance to restore hope to the people of the city and that with will and resistance freedom and victory can be achieved.


Hami added without   our military forces, this victory would not have been achieved. It is a victory for oppressed peoples in the face of the oppressors and a new birth for humanity and the peoples of the region against the crimes of ISIS.

She stressed the importance of concerted efforts and solidarity to eliminate extremist ideology through the spread of awareness and free thought.

The festival also included sections of the folklore, the Bedouin and Mulya, and a theater show with the participation of the center’s cultural, artistic and youth teams as well as the Dabakat Kobani folklore..

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