Committee of the economy in Tabqa .. Rise of the economy through the reactivation of the agricultural situation

Tabqa – The democratic civil administration in Tabqa and its countryside after liberation from the  terrorist ISIS on 10/5/2017 worked hard to promote the economic situation, which was severely damaged during the years of war. Efforts have been focused on re-energizing economic establishments in general and agriculture in particular. The agricultural activity in the city is constantly increasing due to the availability of agriculture. A large section of its population works in agriculture and raising animals from sheep, cows and goats, in addition to fishing, while the other works in commerce and industry.

The efforts were directed and organized after the formation of the Economic Committee within the Civil Council of the city, which was established on the first of November 2017. A group of directorates was formed for the committee: 1- Directorate of Agriculture 2- Directorate of Electricity 3- Directorate of Industry 4- Trade Directorate 5-House of Cooperative Societies. 6- Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 7-Communications Department.

Directorate of Agriculture: The first directorates formed before the formation of the Economic Committee, divided into (irrigation, forestry, environment, prevention and livestock).

Each department started with studying and evaluating the situation and studying the damages and initially, the focus was on a number of priorities: Developing an agricultural plan to secure the wheat, so that 60% of the land is planted with wheat. Define, protect and prevent abuse of state property. Activating agricultural projects and rehabilitating irrigation pumps Such as Seweidiya  project area (1052) hectares – and the inventory of forest sites that were destroyed and dry with the area of  (13500) acres in addition to the protection of the Grane Reserve, and a plan has been developed to maintain and rehabilitate it.

The Directorate implemented a number of projects, including: Implementing an agricultural plan of 100% irrigated and  rainy land at the beginning of the agricultural year 2018/2019 after the reactivation  of Al Wediyan project 1 and  2  an area of (220) hectare, and the cultivation of 1500  Acres of wheat and barley in Tuehina, Rehabilitation of salhabya for wheat storage. – Support the owners of olive press, and activate (6) in Tabqa where the production during the last season 1784 tons of olive oil. – The investment of chicken farm of Abu Kbeiba by the Directorate of Agriculture at the beginning of this year with a production capacity of 9000 chicken, and encourage the investment of such project and provide support to owners, where there are in Tabqa 18 domesticated licensed. – Conservation of livestock and fisheries. Support 120 fishermen by boat and fishing gear, forming a union of fishermen to organize their affairs. – Support the farmers with the fuel oil and the distribution of 13 million liters on them, and encourage agriculture in greenhouses. – Restricting and licensing agricultural and veterinary pharmacies.


Electricity Directorate: After the liberation of Tabqa city, electricity was partially restored by the workers of the Euphrates Dam and the Electricity Directorate. With the return of the first turbines of the Euphrates Dam to work and generate electricity, the Electricity Directorate started to repair the conversion site at the dam power station, while the dam administration took over repairing distribution yard.

Despite the limited capacities, workers at the Electricity Directorate were able to gradually restore electricity to the city, where the power grid was almost completely destroyed. And continued efforts of the Directorate until the restoration of electricity to the entire city on 5/4/2018, and then to the entire countryside. It also opened a workshop for the maintenance of electricity transformers to qualify transformers in the Directorate of Electricity, and the number of transformers within the city reached / 320 /.

Directorate of Industry: The Economic Committee formed the Directorate of Industry to supervise the industrial facilities in the city, most of which are small establishments such as food factories such as dairy, halva,  bulgur and baby food. As well as other factories such as plastic, iron, quarries, building materials, olive presses and mills. The number of laboratories is 168, and the Directorate of Industry is authorizing and supporting them with  diesel.

Trade Department: The Directorate of Commerce works to limit the names of merchants in the city and their specialties, and to lay the foundations for the provision of materials suitable for human consumption on a daily basis, and to grant licenses to traders to import materials and intervene directly if the price of any material and works to open warehouses and reduce prices and prevent manipulation of prices. The Directorate organizes daily statistics in quantities of materials entering and exiting the city through representatives in the customs yard.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce: It works to grant licenses to protect traders, to discuss their views on the reality of trade and industry, and to develop proposals and plans for the advancement of the region, and to secure the necessary materials for the markets of Tabqa and rural areas and ensure them before entering the markets.


Co-operative Society House: The Cooperative Society House was founded on the idea of eliminating unemployment by supporting a group of individuals and providing all forms of material support by 70% for the implementation of projects that benefit the material and support the economic activity in the city.

The first successful experiment was on 16/8/2018,  Al-Mamouna House Project in cooperation with the Women’s Council of Tabqa, where it provided jobs for 25 women. While the second project was launched at the beginning of this year, which is the operator of the Euphrates ladies.


Communications Department: The Communications Department is working to re-activate parts of the telecommunications network due to the destruction and damage suffered. And managed to operate a number of lines within the official departments from the point of the National Hospital, which lasted for 3 months, and includes 112 internal lines three digits, and 28 lines have been activated between the rest of the institutions despite the lack of materials and mechanisms of work.

The Directorate of Telecommunications seeks to deliver and organize telecommunications services in all areas of Tabqa and its countryside, and to control  and regulate the work of Internet shops, where 240 work permits were issued within the city and its countryside. 4000 for each participant.

The Communications Commission has recently submitted a draft of the 2019 Economic Commission, which includes the providing telephone exchanges for Tabqa and Al Mansora and Al Jornyia areas, with different lines for each division (15,000 lines, 1,500 lines, 3,000 lines) and providing work materials and supplies.

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