HomenewsControl of corrupted foodstuff

Control of corrupted foodstuff

Raqqa – The Detect Department of the People’s municipality in Raqqa during its daily tour in the markets and shops confiscated corrupt foodstuff.

The control of the rationing officer, Thajila Al-Sayer, talked about the last tour of the detec committee in which they confiscated foodstuff and said: “Our daily tours on the markets and wholesale shops continue. During the tour, some corrupted foodstuffs were controlled and confiscated in one of the main shops in Raqqa. It will be destroyed in dumps dedicated by the People’s municipality and the owners of the shop will be punished as well as those who are manipulating the markets by selling corrupted items”.

Al-Sayer said that the tours on commercial shops will be intensified during the month of Ramadan to prevent the sale of such stuffs to ensure the health of civilians.

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