HomenewsEnding a training course in the academy of martyr Brosk Piro

Ending a training course in the academy of martyr Brosk Piro

Hasaka- The academy of martyr Brosk Piro ended on Tuesday 21 May 21, 2019 a training course for SDF fighters. The course lasted 45 days in which the fighters received military training on various types of light and medium weapons.

The leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ attended the graduation ceremony. The ceremony began with a minute of silence in the memory of martyrs’ lives, followed by a speech by the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, “Haji Abu Saleh,” who congratulated the fighters to for ending their training course, and asked them to be ready to face the coming challenges. He added that all the supportive state which supported ISSI failed at the end and were not able to achieve their goals. All these victories were achieved due to the sacrifices of our martyrs.

He confirmed that the Syrian democratic forces continue to defeat terrorism by pursuing the remnants of ISIS’s cells of the Dahesh.

The graduation ceremony ended with the performance of the military oath.

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