Extend Tabqa fire brigade

Tabqa- The local management committee and the municipalities in Al Tabqa started to expand the fire brigade of Al Tabqa by opening two new centers in both Al Jerniya and Al Mansoors in Tabqa countryside

Where the Committee organized interviews with a number of people to employ them in the two centers and conducted practical tests in the yard of the fire department to train them on how to deal with various fires and rescue operations in emergencies. Eight members were selected for Al Mansoura Fire Brigade and eight for Al Jerniya.

The head of the fire brigade Ismael Al-Mabrouk said: We have opened two centers and will start work next week,” “This comes as the harvest approaches and fears of fires in farmland or anywhere in the countryside.

He added that Al-Mansoura and Al-Garniya were chosen for the new centers of population density, and because they are far away from the center of Al Tabqa, and they are located in the south-eastern countryside and the north-west of the stratum, where it is easy to reach and deal with fires from rural centers while it is still difficult for the city fire brigade because of the distance.

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