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“Fires accidents “at the discussion table of the council of Hasaka province

The council of Hasakah Province held a wide meeting with the fire brigade, representatives of the municipalities, the Directorate of Agriculture and the community Protection Committee on Sunday 19 May 2019 in order to discuss the fires accidents that affected agricultural crops in the past period and take the necessary measures to prevent such accidents from happening again.

The meeting began with a minute of silence in the memory martyrs’ lives, followed by a speech by the co-chair of Hasaka province, Jaffin Ramo, in which she stressed the need to prepare fully to face this problem without considering the causes, whether because of ignorance of some people by throwing their cigarettes or the one which were fabricated through the remnants of terrorist cells.

During the meeting, the reports of the participating committees were heard and agreed on several points:

The formation of emergency rooms in each region in the province, including the head of municipality, a representative from the Committee of Agriculture, a representative of the community protection committee, and representatives of the communes of the villages in that area a. They will also dedicate the machines of the municipality to intervene until the fire engine arrive.

Intensifying patrolling of the community protection committees in the towns and villages, in addition to raising the awareness of the citizens about the need not to throw cigarettes on both sides of the roads and removing the weeds from the crop by cultivating it.

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