HomemanshetLet us unite our efforts in pursuing the remnants of terrorism

Let us unite our efforts in pursuing the remnants of terrorism

The Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry sent two simultaneous letters to the UN Security Council and the United Nations, there were a lot of lies and fabrications against our forces in the two letters. It worth mentioning that our forces liberated Deira Zour region from the terrorist organization ISIS and continues to pursue its terrorist cells.

Our forces are pursuing terrorist cells of ISIS in north and east Syria and work har to stabilize the area. These cells cross the Euphrates River from the West Bank, which is controlled by the central government in Damascus and its affiliated militias, where an organization promotes safe passage towards the eastern bank of Euphrates areas and those cells organize attacks targeting the lives of people in the liberated areas as well as they target the public facilities and private property and destroy it.

First of all, the Syrian government should have looked for a national partnership to fight against the terrorism and coordinate with our forces and the international coalition forces to defeat terrorism instead of taking this hostile attitude towards us and continuing to support terrorism by marketing legal grounds to secure a legal cover that protects terrorists and ignores the efforts of our forces and their great role in achieving victory against ISIS. We call upon the Syrian government to deal objectively with this issue from the perspective of the Syrian national interest, which calls for the coordination of all efforts and unifying them to eliminate the danger of ISIS organization, rather than escaping forward and raising complaints to international institutions in order to support terrorism based on malicious political issues.

Keno Gabriel

Spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF

14 May 2019

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