Maintenance works for irrigation channel “Kebash Kharbi”

Raqqa – In coordination with the team of future makers, the Committee of Agriculture and Irrigation started cementing and repairing the irrigation channel of Kebash Kharbi village after it was damaged.The work included repairing / 4 / fractions and pouring of 40 / m3 of cement resistant to salts and sulphates.

The supervisor of the project in the organization of future makers, “Qais al-Ali,” confirmed that the maintenance and operation in department in the Irrigation Committee supervised the work. And that the work was an emergency as a result of farmers’ need for water for the rest of the wheat crop “yellow rusted” on the one hand and start processing for the cotton season on the other.

Al-Ali pointed out that the canal covers 7720 dunums of agricultural land.

SDF-Media Center

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