Military Training at Martyr Akad Academy

Hasakah – The academy of martyr Akad of the Syriac Military Council opened a training course named martyr “Poppel”, for a period of 30 days.

The fighters receive intensive training on light and medium weapons and combat strategies, as well as political lectures.

“Arian Haskah,” a coach at the Academy of Martyr Akad that the fighter receives training on the formation of his personality and teaching the foundations of the democratic nation because it is the main pillar in the building of the nation.

The military training phase then begins with the use of weapons, mine detection and the disposal of ambushes.

The course program includes live ammunition training on the RPG launcher, hand grenades so that the fighter knows how to handle the weapons he uses and the risks he may face while performing his duty.

SDF-Media Center


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