HomestatementStatement to The Public Opinion:

Statement to The Public Opinion:

On the third of this month, a forum for the clans of the region was held under the auspices of MSD, under the slogan (Syrian tribes protect Syrian society and its social contract) due to the big participation of tribes and important messages by tribal leaders, clearly emerged as a national Syrian meeting starting from the responsibility and the national strategy at this difficult time in the region in general and especially our Syrian country, and that the procedures of prevention that are common to the people of Syria and which the Syrian authorities deliberately intended for the absence of many personalities and community activists did not affect the success of the forum. So at the beginning we offer our gratitude to the thousands of tribal national figures who attended the forum and those who were unable to attend for known reasons.

As the Syrian democratic council affirm that both MSD and the general components of the region presented our precious and generous efforts in order to prevent and stand in the face of what is being planned in order to occupy of the Syrian regions by opening the doors to Turkey to occupy Syrian areas such as Jrablos, Azzaz, al-Bab Afrin, and large areas of Idlib, and unfortunately, the Turkish occupation came under what is known as reconciliation. They do not have the right to talk about the unity of Syrian soil and the sovereignty of the Syrian state. They also have no right to charge the Syrian clans forum held in Ain Issa as a meeting for partition or what resulted from of various falsehoods and false claims that have nothing to do with the truth and reject them completely.

We in the Syrian Democratic Council knows as the people of Syria, the region and the world know, that over the Syrian crisis, we have been excluded from the meetings of the Syrian solution. Most Syrians know that we are prepared to meet. Our circumstances and the sacrifices we have made over the past years make it possible to create a real breakthrough for the Syrian crisis. Our project is a national democratic one, through which the solution is obtained. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the failure of all the Syrian meetings that took place in Geneva or Astana and we did not exist, and most of the democratic forces, the Syrian secular parties and representatives of the Syrian community activities?

The resolutions and proposals that resulted from the forum certainly indicate that our struggle is continuing in order to achieve the greatest extent of the Syrian meeting.

We cannot be accused of separation because the components of North and East Syria under the Autonomous Administration and the Democratic Syrian Council were the only forces that defended the north and east of Syria. The language of subversion will not discourage our will and resolve, but rather increase our determination to build a democratic Syria that guarantees the rights of all Syrians. So we finally affirm that we are on the right track, confident that our security, peace, and progress will succeed as long as we proceed together from our conviction in the common life and the peoples’ brotherhood and the unity of their fate. ”

The Syrian Democratic Council

5 May 2019


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