HomenewsStreet asphalt project enters its second phase

Street asphalt project enters its second phase

Hasaka – The Eastern municipality in Hasakah started today on 22 May 2019 the second stage of asphalting the main streets and subsidiary streets in the eastern region, which includes neighborhoods like: Salihiyah, Aziziyah, Mufti and industry region.

The head of the Technical Committee in the Eastern Municipality, Malik Khalif noted that the municipality and after receiving many complaints from the people regarding bad situation of the streets, approved the project of asphalting the street after the approval of the Ministry of Municipalities, and the project was divided into two phases: The first included asphalting the main streets starting with Industry Street and the completion of the street of martyr Saraya.

The second stage is the asphalt of Jean Hajjar Street, which links the neighborhood of Salhiya with the neighborhood of Mufti, as well as street of clinic and streets where the schools are located.

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