Supply The Yard of El-Hurriya Dam With a Transformer Of 10M

Tabqa – Within the efforts made by the civil administration of Tabqa city to restore life to the city and its countryside through the rehabilitation of infrastructure and vital facilities that have been damaged, including solving the problem of power outages and reducing the hours of rationing.

The Committee of Economy in Tabqa in cooperation with the Department of dams of north and east of Syria has secured a new transformation of the electricity conversion station yard in the Al Hurriya dam in the rural area to put it in service to provide stable nutrition to the people.

The committee works to put the transformer in service according to the technical bases for its installation and connection to the network.

The co-chair of the committee Ahmad Sulaiman said: “We have reached the final stages of installing the transformer and extending the lines to put them into service as soon as possible.

He added saying: we are working hard in order to link the transformer with another and provide electricity and support the agricultural project in the area.


SDF-Media Center

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