HomenewsThe Education Committee finishes its preparations to start the examinations

The Education Committee finishes its preparations to start the examinations

Tabqa – The Education Committee in Tabqa has completed its preparations for the start of the examination process for the second semester of 2018-2019, which will start from May 5 to May 14.

The committee visited the schools in Tabqa and rural areas to see the process of education and the results of tests of the students in order to know their level.The examination questions were prepared by a teaching staff who have a high teaching experience.

For the first stage, from the first grade till the fourth grade which consist of 20 thousand students, the program will be organized according to the student information and then transferred to higher grades. The second grade from the fifth to the ninth grade which consists of 27 thousand, the program will be organized through the placement of questions that were printed in the Education Committee and distributed to schools.

The member of the co-chair of the Education Committee in Tabqa “Hananu Khalifa” said: “The preparation of the second semester examinations are very good. There will be tow duration, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon the number of the students will be divided in to tow during the exam to make an enough capacity in the schools and to enable the students to perform their exams in an ideal atmosphere. The teachers will supervise the conduct of examinations according to the directions of the Education Committee and tours will be conducted during the exams.

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