HomenewsThe Livestock committee allows fishing after the ban is terminated

The Livestock committee allows fishing after the ban is terminated

Hasaka – The Committee of Agriculture and Livestock which belongs to the Economic institution in Hasaka city announced the end of the period of prevention of fishing, which had previously been identified.

The Committee issued a circular in early March, which prohibits fishing in all areas and worked to publish it in the public services and facilities and internal security centers.

“We aim to protect the livestock and fishes by issuing a circular that prevents fishing because the fishes in that period is in the breeding stage. We have been working on monitoring the application of the previous circular through the periodic tours we made on the fishing areas, which is a source of livelihood for dozens of families in the city,” said Kawa Sheikho the administrator of livestock committee.

Sheikho added” Today we issued another circular allows fishing after the end of the breeding stage, and began to grant licenses to fishermen and the number so far reached / 54 / license.

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