HomenewsThe municipality of people intensifies its tours in the markets of Tabqa

The municipality of people intensifies its tours in the markets of Tabqa

Tabqa – At the beginning of  Ramadan month, Tabqa city is witnessing increasing movement and commercial activity in its markets, where supply and demand for goods, products and food is increasing.

In turn, the control department and the ration office in the municipality of people in the Tabqa intensify their tours of the markets of the city to monitor and control prices and regulate the markets and to ensure the safety and validity of the items offered, especially foodstuffs such as meat, dairy, vegetables, canned foods and other kinds of foods.

The control department issued infraction against the perpetrators and those who repeat them receive a warning at the beginning, if they violate the laws again they are punished by a financial fine and confiscation of goods and then the closure of the shop.


The use of the street by shop owners or small shops is also prohibited.Fatima Alloush, the head of the municipality of people in Tabqa said: Daily tours are organized on the markets of Tabqa city, especially the markets of vegetables and the main street in order to prevent fraud and monopoly or endanger the lives of people through the supply of expired products or non-human consumption.She added that any complaint filed by the residents against the owners of the shops is dealt with immediately, and maintain a state of stability and safety in the markets of the city.  SDF-Media Center

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