HomenewsToxaemia “threatens the life of mammalian animals in Hasakah

Toxaemia “threatens the life of mammalian animals in Hasakah

The Committee of Agriculture and Livestock of the Economic Foundation in Hasakah is following up its works throughout distributing a vaccine against Toxaemia disease on its guidance units in order to increase the immunity of animals and protect them from this disease.

The member of the Committee of livestock in Hasakah “Ahmed Issa,” explained that Toxaemia disease, or “blood poisoning” is a disease of mammals, horses, goats, sheep, and others, and the symptoms is the occurrence of severe diarrhea, stop eating and drinking water and tend lie down on the ground permanently.

As for the cause of the disease, it is due to some bacteria which secrete types of toxins from the bowels to the blood, which increase its spread throughout the body of the animal.

Al-Issa noted that the methods of disease prevention include: good care for the herd, the provision of concentrated feeds in a gradual manner over a period of three weeks, good mixing of feeds, provision of large areas for animals as well as isolation of healthy animals from the infected and periodically give vaccines to the animals.

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