HomenewsUmm Yasmin .. A story of pain which summarizes the story of Syria 

Umm Yasmin .. A story of pain which summarizes the story of Syria 

Tabqa – In the shadows of the war which all the Syrian people suffer from there are many forms of sufferings, and the humanitarian situation remains the biggest and most painful disaster in the light of the cases that need help. The story of Umm Yasmin summarizes much of these sufferings.

Umm Yasmin, a woman who lives alone in a house in the neighborhoods of Raqqa city, where she spent her most beautiful years, she takes after five children after her husband died during the war. One day when the terrorist organization ISIS attacked Raqqa city, her husband was in his shop in the city center. He did not know that he was living the last moments of his life. He was injured when the terrorists shelled the city with rockets and he lost his life.

Umm Yasmin received the news of her husband’s death with great pain and sadness that led to her blindness.

When the residents of the city began to flee and escape from the hell of the bombings, Umm Yasmin decided to go to her parents’ house in Tabqa city. Both parents had separated. After that, Umm Yasmin decided to live with her children who were left alone in an independent house in the city center.Although Umm Yasmin’s case is one of dozens and even hundreds of similar cases, she is determined to live in these difficult circumstances.


Umm Yasmin says,” although I am lonely and blinded. But I am determined to raise my children and continue living in these conditions that the Syrians live because of the war that is still continuing in our country.Um Yasmin expressed some of what she is going to think about: she wants to be able see again. She hopes that this devastating war will end one day, this war which caused the devastation and migration the Syrians. She hopes that the security and stability prevail Syria where all Syrians can live freely and peacefully.

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