HomenewsA Village from my country “Ayad”

A Village from my country “Ayad”

Tabqa-Ayad village is located west of Tabqa city, next to the Euphrates dam, and extends up to the Hora Elheryat in the south and Crane region in the west.

The village was established in the early 1970s, when the Euphrates dam was built. It gradually expanded, there is a commercial road between it and Tabqa city leading to the dam.

The village was liberated from the ISIS terrorists by the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces on 15 April 2017, and its people began to organize themselves as communes and councils to serve the people of the village.

The village witnessed the opening of a number of schools. In addition to this the people’s municipality in Tabqa contributed to the restoration of basic services networks such as drinking water and electricity.

It has a population of nearly 5,000, mostly from the Bou Jabir and Al-Ajail tribes. Most of them are employees or working in fishing and livestock and some of them are working outside Syria.

Many of its residents joined the ranks of Syrian democratic forces and took part in liberating Tabqa city and other areas from the control of the ISIS organization.

The head of Ayad council, Ahmed Al-Hamadeh, pointed out that the village is spread over a large area and is divided into (Ayad radio, Ayad Fasih, Ayad Saloum, Ayad Saghir, Ayad Kabeer, Ayad Kabeer Shamali and Ayad Sharqi).

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