Kobani city establishes its military council with ceremonies

News Center – In coordination with the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Euphrates territory, the military factions and local leaders in Kobani canton formed its military council. The leaders and fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection units attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs’ lives. The commander of Kobani Military Council, Ismat Sheikh Hassan delivered a speech on this occasion. He congratulated the components northern Syria and the families of the martyrs and referred to the war against “ISIS organization which started in Kobani. He pointed out to the need of forming the SDF forces, and the need to establish military councils within each region, to make  the local military cadres who played a pivotal role in eliminating ISIS be able to protect the people of the region, their gains, and make crucial decisions related to their areas, as well as strengthening its military capabilities.

After eliminating the terrorist organization ISIS and the organizational expansion of the Syrian Democratic Forces along north and east Syria, the structure of these forces was planned on the basis of the military councils within each regions of north and east Syria.

The main goal of establishing these councils is to unify the military and security forces in the region, to involve local leaders in decision-making and to consolidate and institutionalize the institutional work within Syrian democratic forces by empowering and activating the military institutions within it.

Each military council will be formed to consist of battalion command, brigade command, and then directors and officers of military offices within each district.


SDF-Media Center

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