HomenewsOrganizing joint patrols to maintain the security and stability of Tabqa city

Organizing joint patrols to maintain the security and stability of Tabqa city

Tabqa – The military discipline units of the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to coordinate with the Internal Security Forces and conduct joint patrols in Tabqa city in order to maintain the safety and security of civilians and their property.

The forces establish checkpoints at the main entrances of the city, in addition to regular patrols in the streets and neighborhoods of the city to check the evidence of civilians, military people and check the vehicles entering and leaving the city.

Military discipline is bound to the implementation of internal laws in military units depending on the basis of discipline and military training.

They are responsible for applying discipline and military culture among the Syrian Democratic Forces in all regions and frontlines, and they are an example of organizational work and discipline.

The military discipline forces participate in joint patrols to control fighters and military vehicle which violate the laws and those who violate the military bylaw and decisions.

“One of the main tasks which we are doing in order to maintain the security and stability of the region is to set up checkpoint to check the documents and cards of the fighters who enter and go out of the city to ensure that terrorists do not reincarnate the military figures by wearing the uniforms of the fighters, and arresting offending fighters. The official in the military discipline office in Tabqa Mazlum Jerablus said.

He added the military discipline units are conducting joint patrols in coordination with the military and internal security forces day and night to ensure the safety of the residents and the area.

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