HomenewsPart of the military training of Martyr Kurshin regiment

Part of the military training of Martyr Kurshin regiment

Tabqa – After the SDF defeated ISIS terrorist organization geographically and after reorganizing and structuring itself, by establishing military councils and raising the readiness of the troops through the military exercises of battalions and military regiments to protect the gains of north and east Syria from any threats.

The battalion of martyr Kendal which belongs to Martyr Korshin Kobani heavy weapon one of the specialized battalions in mortars and RBG 9 / SPG9 /.

In which 21 fighters from the region are receiving theoretical and practical military training courses, which will last for 21 days, on how to use heavy weapons and confrontations in various circumstances, as well as fitness training.

“The training comes to strengthen the defense system of the forces and to make the fighters ready and qualified to protect the region and its people from any threats,” said the military trainer in the Martyr Kendall battalion.

Tabqa added that the training is continuing regularly according to programs to make the fighter ready and with full capacity to stand in the face of everyone who wants to undermine our will.

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